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Croke Park Tour of the Stadium - Backstage Pass

Croke Park is a Gaelic games stadium in Dublin, Ireland. Named after Archbishop Thomas Croke, it is sometimes called Croker by GAA fans and locals. It serves as both the principal national stadium of Ireland and headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association.

For over 100 years, Croke Park has been at the center of Irish sporting existence. This splendid stadium, with its size of 82,300, is currently the third largest in Europe.

However, as you'll discover on this eye-opening, access-all-areas trip, its scale is just part of its greatness. The energetic tour guides will lead you on an inspiring trip through our national stadium, from eccentric perspectives on why Croke Park's grass is still greener to talking about defining moments of Irish culture.

Some of the highlights involve taking a seat in the VIP area, having a glimpse of birds from the media center, slipping a peek into the dressing rooms, and, of course, walking in the footsteps of giants when you move through the tunnel of the game!

For more details, including tour times, prices and directions to the GAA Museum, please check the website.

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