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St Patrick's Cathedral

Updated: Jan 2

The cathedral plays host to a number of public national ceremonies. Ireland's Remembrance Day ceremonies, hosted by the Royal British Legion and attended by the President of Ireland, take place there every November. Its carol service (the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols), celebrated twice in December, including every 24 December, is a colourful feature of Dublin life.

For over 800 years, Saint Patrick's Cathedral has become part of the heritage of Ireland and is still one of Dublin's most popular destinations for tourists. Established between 1220 and 1260 in honor of Ireland's patron saint, Saint Patrick's Cathedral provides tourists a rich and persuasive cultural experience and is one of the only surviving buildings of medieval Dublin. 1500 years ago, St Patrick baptised people here.

It is the Church of Ireland's National Cathedral and is the largest cathedral in the country. Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels, was Dean of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in the 1700s. Swift is one of hundreds of prominent burials to be found on the site. The term "to chance your arm" originates from a feud inside the walls of St Patrick's that worked out. The Cathedral is renowned worldwide for its choir, established in 1432, which still performs during the school term every day. The Lady's Chapel, dated from 1270, has been returned to its former glory in recent years. A new show named Lives Remembered, which features a tree sculpture specifically commissioned and marks the centennial of World War 1. The Cathedral's organised tours take place daily during the day or via an app for self-guidance purposes.

Times of Services;

  • Monday to Friday: 09:00 Sung Matins (school term only), 11:05: Holy Eucharist (Wed and Thurs only) 17:30: Choral evensong.

  • Saturday: 11:05 Holy Eucharist.

  • Sunday: 09:15 Holy Eucharist. 11:15 Choral Eucharist 15:15 Choral Evensong.

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