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The Book of Kells

Updated: Jan 2

The drawings and ornamentation in the Book of Kells are of the most lavish and intricate kind. The decoration blends Christian iconography with the ornate revolving motifs of Insular architecture. Figures of people, creatures and legendary beasts, in bright colors, enliven the manuscript's sections. Many of these small decoration items are imbued with Christian significance.

The Book of Kells, located inside the Old Library structure, is a valuable manuscript from the 9th century, displaying an elegant mix of ornate Latin text and elaborate illuminations. Find out how the most popular medieval manuscript in the world was created and read about the rich meaning behind it. You will also have entry to the Long Room, one of the most magnificent libraries in the country, and home to 250,000 of the most ancient books from Trinity College.

Get a close-up view of the Brian Boru Harp, Ireland's oldest living harp, and a rare original copy of the Declaration of the Irish Republic, a landmark text in Irish history that inspired the Irish Republic's establishment as a Sovereign Independent State, while exploring the Long Room.

The gift shop and exhibit are available 7 days a week. Entry is scheduled and it is important to buy tickets electronically.

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